Healthy Environment Innovations, LLC

Far-UV Sterilray™ Technology includes a narrow-line, recyclable light source and a compact power source. Multiple independent laboratory tests of Far-UV Sterilray™ devices confirm that they are the first and only dry, chemical-free, recyclable, mercury-free, portable or stationary devices that kill all surface, liquid, and air-borne bacteria, viruses, and spores in seconds. A greater than 99.99% reduction of even the most antibiotic-resistant pathogens (VRE, CRE, C. Difficile, and MRSA) is achieved.


* Dry, chemical-free disinfection. * Disinfection of non-critical items in seconds. * Disinfection of objects along production line. * Instant-on lamp for easy operation. * No electrodes or ballasts. * Not affected by temperature or humidity. * Automatic cut-off optional. * Green Clean – environmentally friendly. * No mercury or other dangerous materials in the lamp. * No residue left behind. * Variable power options. * No breakdown or fading of rubber or plastics.